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Who Is An Influencer?

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Our definition of influencer is different
We say every subject matter expert is an influencer. Celebrities are influencers for Beauty, Fashion , Cosmetics etc. Mom’s & sports persons are influencers for kids’ drinks like Bournvita, Doctors are influencers for health related matters like for Sensodyne, A Doctor comes in Ad, same for Lifebouy hand sanitizer, a doctor comes in ad. He is the influencer

I consider myself a influencer in tech related matters, A chef is an influencer while promoting food related products, like Sanjeev Kapoor, He comes in basmati chawal ads

All these are influencers

So we need subject mater experts, Not celebs to be part of our Influencer Marketing Program…

Anyone who has domain knowledge about anything is an influencer in that sector/product segment.

Please join us if you are a subject matter expert in anything or just have a knack of making the right decision while choosing / recommending a product in that sector/segment

And we have formed so many pages in both LinkedIn & communities in Facebook for influencers n enthusiasts to share n exchange ideas / advices / learn with other while trying to help sellers sell their products easily through #influencermarketing through #socialmedia without much #adspend

I would take this opportunity to request everyone out here to join our communities based on your interest & willingness to contribute

Please find the list of communities here .

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