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What is Omni-channel E-Commerce?

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Omni-channel e commerce is selling through all possible channels. In today’s world you need to sell through all possible platforms to sell more effectively & sell more than your competitor.

The most important channels are:

1. E Mail
2. Google My Business Account – A must for any local business
3. Facebook Business Page – It help us in putting all information together related to the products n solutions before we put it on the website.

It will also help us in building a social presence of the brand in Facebook as well as give us the desired publicity for free as we can tag the Page on our relevant posts and the page can also take part in discussions. It will help us build a community around that brand.

4: Pinterest : A Pinterest account is useful as you can organise all your product pics in boards and redirect traffic to your website.

5. Instagram: It is good for influencer marketing

5: Website: it helps combine the power all the social networks also gives you e commerce with online payment option, ability to run your own affiliate marketing network , run loyalty programs, offer personalised experience to your shoppers, do content marketing through blogs, leverage the power of Search Engine Optimisation, As well as offers you the ability to earn through AdSense Ads.

Now omni-channel is not just about selling through multiple channels, Its also about unifying the experience across multiple channels. This can be done through integrations & automations. So lets understand what we can do in this regard

1. We can sync the product catalogue from the website to the Facebook Business Page Shop & Google Merchant Center (https://www.google.com/retail/solutions/merchant-center/)

2. Automate your posts to be published on LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook automatically.

3. Display your YouTube Gallery on your website.

4. Give an option for your site’s visitors to communicate with you through any possible mode of communication (Whatsapp/FB messenger/lIve chat or any other social media accounts etc.0

5. Give your site’s visitors an option to share in all social networks platforms from your website.

6. Automate your marketing workflows to offer personalised experiences to each individual user.

Now, Omni-channel is not all about tech, Its about people. So,

1. Encourage your site’s visitors to sign up as an affiliate promote your links on their own website or Unboxd Live (https://unboxd.live)

2: Incentivise all customers (people who buy through our website ) & Site visitors (people who visit the Facebook business page & website to leave a review / feedback.

3. Try to identify few influencers (People with domain knowledge) to write comparison articles of about your products.

Any other suggestions you have? We please mention in the comments

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