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What Is Experience Management?

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What is Experience Management

Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - What Is Experience Management

Experience management is an effort by organisations to measure and improve the experiences they provide to customers as well as stakeholders like vendors, suppliers, employees, and shareholders by unifying the interaction & engagement across multiple digital touch points

Why It Is Important?

Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - Importance

In an era when your customer/consumer resides in multiple continents, speaks multiple languages, interacts with your content through multiple channels, it becomes a herculean task to deliver consistent message (both in terms of content & experience) across all channels, failing which there is huge hit on brand loyalty.

How It Is Different From Content Management?

Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - Difference

Content Management is about managing your website’s content. However, Now the game has changed. Focus has shifted to how your user is interacting with your content. Different users interact with the same content differently. Digital Experience Management Platforms take into consideration that factor and help you personalise your User’ experience through granular segmentation & content analytics. We provide these solutions. Please reach out to us to get a Quote

What are the Major Components Of It?

Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - Components

The major components of a Digital Experience Platform are Design (It should be able to bring everything you need to communicate with all stakeholders (Employees/Customers/Vendors/Parters etc.) together ) . Next it should be able to give accurate insights about how they interact with your content (mails/messages/forms etc. ). This can be done through Analytics. Next, it should give you the tools to personalise the experience at each individual user level . This can be done through serving dynamic content based on granular user segmentation, user profiling, actions & triggers etc. which come under marketing automation part. And Unboxd TechLabs is India’s only company providing all these solutions.


Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - Benefits

1. It will reduce your web designing & development costs & time to zero.
2. It will help you sell Omni-channel with its Search Engine Friendly & Social Media Sharing Friendly Pages
3. It will help you provide better customer services by empowering them through self service portals
4. It will help you increase team collaboration boost productivity at workplace.
5. It will help you empower your vendors/partners etc. by empowering them with the tools & informations they need to do things on their own.
6. It will help you manage & monetise your content more effectively.
7. It will save huge amounts in your Ad Spends.

Can I have a live demo of it?

Unboxd Digital Experience Platform - Demo

Unboxd Live ( https://unboxd.live) is a Digital Experience Platform itself.

It is a deployment of Open Source Digital Experience Software Liferay (find more details at https://liferay.com)

You can login and try it yourself.

We offer this as a product to enterprises (which can be deployed in your own premises for your internal team usage) and as a platform to small businesses.

How Unboxd Live helps you deliver personalised experiences to your consumers?

Unboxd Live allows you to segment users based on personal details (name, screen name etc) , Organisational Details (organisation name, hierarchy), Session details (Browser, Referrer URL, Cookie) etc. and allows you to create different versions of the same page for different segments. In this video we create a new segment for the members of Unboxd TechLabs in Unboxd Live and have created a new version of the site Unboxd TechLabs (https://unboxd.live/web/nbxlabs) and tested it with different logins. For one logged in user who is a Unboxd TechLabs Member the experience designed specifically for him gets served.. While for the others (non Unboxd TechLabs members) the normal version gets served. Now put it in context of e commerce.. Can you display highly contextual n relevant products/solutions offers to your customers using it? A person from Delhi will not get offers from Mumbai OYO hotels with this kind of segmentation, Which currently happen in abundance with Google Ads. Sign up at https://unboxd.live to publish your offers, coupons, discounts to save money on Google Ads. while providing your user “EXPERIENCES”.

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