What Is Contextual Advertising

What Is Contextual Advertising?

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What is Contextual Advertising?

What Is Contextual Advertising

Showing Ads on the basis of the context of the page is called contextual advertising. The logic is can be explained through an example: If we display an fashion brand’s ad on a fashion blog, the chances of clicks on the ad is more, As it is generally assumed that the reader (visitor of the page) is interested to read n know more about fashion related stuff.

Things you should know about contextual advertising

Things You Should Know About Contextual Advertising

Google search ads are always contextual. You see ads about what you search – if i am searching for ‘earphones’ i get to see ear phone ads. However Google Display Ads (The AdSense you see on blogs are not contextual) – Many times you see irrelevant ads on blogs

How to derive context from content?

Google Cloud NLP Categories

Context can be derived in many ways. One easy way is by categorising the content. We can use Google Cloud NLP Categories (A List Of 600 Odd categories) to start with. You can find the list of categories here. (https://cloud.google.com/natural-language/docs/categories)

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