Why content marketing is important?

What Is Content Marketing?

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What is content?

An Example Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is trying to convince your user / prospective customer about the utilities/benefits of your products n services through content.

What is content?

What Is Content?

Content is anything that adds value to the life the the reader- Value addition can be in many forms.

Reviews/ Recommendations
Entertainment/Engagement etc. etc.

Why content marketing is important?

Why content marketing is important?

Content marketing is important because it boosts your brand value for the long term. Convince one person about the true benefits of your solutions & He will stay your loyal customer & brand advocate for life. Instead what Indian E-Commerce companies are doing is entirely different. They are trying lure the customer into buying bu dishing our offers & discounts. The problem – When you stop giving discounts or some other company having deeper pockets offers higher discounts, your sales stop. This is the reason most of the Indian E-Commerce company are in losses at present. Just because they do not produce enough content.

The two parts of content marketing?

The two parts of content marketing

Content marketing has 2 parts to it.

1.Content creation
2.Content amplification

Just creating content is not sufficient. You need to put it in front of as many people as possible. This is called content amplification. This is done by publishing your content on as many social platforms as possible and encouraging & incentivising people to engage with your content by liking, sharing & commenting.

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