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Vision, Mission, Values

We aim to touch the lives of 7.5 Billions. Through the combined reach of our technologies & communities. We have formed so many communities in every social networking platform, because we believe that technology can only do so much. At the end it’s up to people help each other. Hence we have formed Business Sector/ Interest/ Career Objective / Skill etc based communities on Facebook/LinkedIn/Slack etc. to publish and promote topics, products, offers, affiliate links for free. Please find the entire list of our communities here and join as per your interest & willingness to contribute.


To build world’s largest & most reliable omni-channel contextual content delivery network around Unboxd.live – The world’s first contextual content discovery platform, enabling everyone to manage & monetise their content on their own terms by facilitating the delivery of the right content to right person at right time on any channel boosting productivity, efficiency & transparency.


Products For People: We put people first, Not products. When you do business with us, We put our complete focus on solving your problems. We do not sell Apps, We sell solutions. We ll replace the app if it does not fit your needs, We have 250+ Google Enterprise Cloud Apps ready to be deployed production on a single click in 5 minutes should choose to use them. We can integrate those Apps with 1600 other Apps of Daily Use Apps of yours should you want a custom integration. We can host the solutions on Google Cloud / Interserver or any Cloud Hosting Solution Provider for that matter or on your own servers.. Technology is not a barrier anymore. We have made enterprise cloud technology accessible & affordable to everyone. Discuss your business/project needs and we are confident of proposing the most flexible solution at the lowest possible price and quickest possible execution (implementation) time compared to any other Technology Solution provider in the world.

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