Unmute - The Voice Of Bharat

Unmute – The Voice Of Bharat

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Unmute – The Voice Of Bharat is an initiative by Unboxd TechLabs to promote creative/professional writing.

How it works?

Write about any topics of your choice & earn through AdSense Ads. We will provide you a simple WordPress set up with all necessary plugins & AdSense integrations free of cost. We will also give some topics related to our products n solutions, whatever Ad Revenue comes from that site is completely yours. More, you can help us in our affiliate marketing/influencer marketing programs by promoting our seller partners’ links on your sites and earn referral commissions too.

What is included?

Hosting, Weekly once back up & Plugin installation assistance

What you need to have?

A Domain Name ( You can buy it at around 300 rs per year approx from https://sitebuilder.unboxd.in/domains or Directly from GoDaddy.com ) – Having your own domain name gives you complete control over your content, and how you wish to monetise it

What we gain out of it?

It is the articles you have written about our products… That helps us increase awareness about our products n solutions. Also you can help us our seller partners by promoting their products / services and

What you gain out of it?

You get to build your brand as a professional writer (blogger ) & a social media influencer.. along with earning through AdSense & earning through affiliate marketing/influencer marketing. Its a win-win for both… Please join our community Unmute – Authors Unboxd Influencers – Community Unboxd Associates – Community Unboxd TechLabs – Community for more details

How to get started?

Please fill this form to get started with it : https://forms.gle/dEpAjUbkPbHoFGde8

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