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Unboxd For Education

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Hi Team,

Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourselves and others during these tough times.

I write to you in the capacity the Founder/Director of Unboxd TechLabs – An Information Management Company, Providing Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media, Content Amplification, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing) , E Commerce, Professional Publishing & Content Monetisation Solutions, Contextual Advertising, Marketplace Platforms to Single Business Owners/ Solopreneurs , Small Businesses & Enterprises.

This is to inform you that we have formed several communities in Facebook/LinkedIn/Slack with regards to each aspect of Digital Marketing for people interested in that field to interact and engage in discussions with each other, ask doubts, clear others’ doubts, plan events, learn n grow together in a collaborative community environment. We also offer internship, certifications & employment opportunities to the people who engage actively in discussions in those community. There have been many people who have risen quickly through the ranks through their enthusiasm & active participation .

Here, I share the links of few pages n communities which I think might be of students’ interest. Please share this mail with the Student Community, Faculties & Alum Network as our communities are for all, People willing to share their learnings and people willing to learn.

Digital Marketing Learning Communities:

Marketing Automation: https://facebook.com/unboxdmarketing
Search Engine Optimisation: https://facebook.com/unboxdseo
Web Analytics: https://facebook.com/unboxdanalytics
Affiliate Marketing: https://facebook.com/unboxdassociates
Influencer Marketing: https://facebook.com/unboxdinfluencers
Graphics Designing: https://facebook.com/unboxddesigns
Professional Content Writing: https://facebook.com/unmuteindiahttps://facebook.com/aspireunboxd
Contextual Advertising: https://facebook.com/nbxads
B2B Sales: https://facebook.com/unboxdenterprise
Social Media Engagement: https://facebook.com/unboxdsocials

Web Designing/Development/Cloud Computing Learning Communities

Web Designing: https://facebook.com/unboxdsitebuilder
Web Development: https://facebook.com/unboxddevelopers
DevOps: https://facebook.com/unboxdevops
Machine learning / AI : https://facebook.com/nbxnlp
Cloud Computing: https://facebook.com/unboxdcloud
Analytics/AdTech: https://facebook.com/unboxdanalyticshttps://facebook.com/unboxd.live

Hobby/Interest Specific Communities

Travels: https://facebook.com/unboxdtravels
Satires: https://facebook.com/unboxdsatires
Lifestyle: https://facebook.com/unboxdlifestyle
Music Composition: https://facebook.com/unboxdmusic
Song Writing: https://facebook.com/unboxdlyrics
Poetry Writing: https://facebook.com/unboxdshayaries
Photography: https://facebook.com/unboxdpixr
Fashion: https://facebook.com/unboxdfashion
Food: https://facebook.com/unboxdcuisines
Other Hobbies/Interests: https://facebook.com/unboxdinterests
Finance: https://facebook.com/unboxdfinance
Entertainment: https://facebook.com/unboxdentertainments
Anime: https://facebook.com/unboxdanime
Autos: https://facebook.com/unboxdautos

We also have formed various sector specific pages n communities for people working/interested in that sector to collaborate with each other in these difficult times. Please find those as below.

Retails: https://facebook.com/unboxdretails
Real Estate: https://facebook.com/unboxdrealestate
Travels: https://facebook.com/unboxdtravels
Food: https://facebook.com/unboxdcuisines
Entertainment: https://facebook.com/unboxdentertainments
Autos: https://facebook.com/unboxdautos
Manufacturing: https://facebook.com/unboxdindustries
Logistics: https://facebook.com/unboxdlogistics

Marketplace Platforms:

Freelancing Services Marketplace: https://facebook.com/freefolks
Graphics Designing Services Marketplace : https://designs.unboxd.in
Web Designing Services Marketplace: https://sitebuilder.unboxd.in

I am sharing these links because the objective of these communities align with the objective of Student Run Communities in Our Academic Institutions. I am just trying to provide a forum of continuous interaction & exchanges of ideas & information between industry & academic institutions.

Please note, All theses platforms are run as a community forum. We are open to any suggestions/feedbacks to improve the interactions between students n corporate/business entities. We also encourage the respective club members to take take leadership role in these communities to help us in setting the strategic directions for these communities going forward.

Just two lines about our flagship solutions:

1. Unboxd DXP (https://facebook.com/nbxdxp) – The Omni-channel, Pan Sector E Commerce Solution For Small Businesses
2. Unboxd Live(https://facebook.com/unboxd.live) – World’s First Contextual Content Discovery Platform (Google Ads Alternative)

Please like n follow our company at https://facebook.com/nbxlabs for regular updates about our solutions n initiatives.
Website: https://nbxlabs.com

Please reach out to me on Facebook : https://facebook.com/chinmaypanda.me
Or on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/chinmaypandain
in case you have any questions/feedbacks

Together, For Tomorrow.
Chinmay Panda
Founder/Director/CEO- Unboxd TechLabs
IIM Bangalore, PGP 2015-17

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