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Lets have a look at the present scenario… Your prospective customer goes to Forbes to read some news. And Here Yahoo connects with you #advertisers #brands and promises them premium Forbes inventory and to display #ads.. But Yahoo does not display the hashtag

#Ads by itself… It puts the responsibility on Media.net to do that. Now, In this whole arrangement, The end user (the person who went to Forbes website to read the piece of hashtag

#news gets to see irritating irrelevant ads… The hashtag

#advertisers do not gain anything as the hashtag

#Ads gets show to people who are not looking to buy those things… Forbes loses readers’ confidence… The website visitor does not get the actual information he/she is looking for.

Everyone loses in this arrangement

Now how do we plan to solve it?

We have created sector specific Facebook Pages / Facebook communities / LinkedIn Pages / YouTube Channels / Pinterst Boards / Instagram Accounts / WordPress Design & Development Websites / etc. so that the sellers (advertisers) post what have to sell in the sector specific pages. And people know what that page is all about… So there is no mismatch of expectations…

Lets take an example of this Ad… Now This Ad is is shown to me on LinkedIn, which is

1. Not a real estate website

2. I am not looking to buy – I am unemployed since a year, I don’t even have money to pay the house rent on time, let along buying a house.

So I say, Is not this image a better fit for the page @unboxd stays – a page which is about real estate properties?

Thats how we are planning to save everyone’s Ad Spends while improving your end user’s experience.

Now this is all for advertiser side. What do we offer to the publishing houses like Forbes & The Times of India? – The Answer is Unboxd.live – Which will act as the repository of these kind ad creatives – which we fondly call as Nbxads

Which the publishers (Bloggers/Media companies etc) can pick n choose manually from our reserves of Nbxads to display the right Nbxads on the right page. Let’s say Times Of India has an article written on real estates in Mumbai. This Nbxads Can Appear there permanently. Why we have to change the ad creative for every user. We should assume that any use reading that article in interested in knowing about real estate properties in Mumbai. so when Times of India publishes the article it can attach this ad creative also it does not take much effort in comparison to the efforts you have put to write the article in the first place. And results in much more increase Ad revenue while improving the trust factor of your end user.

This approach is much more useful in United States Minor Outlying Islands United States n EU European Union countries where #GDPR & #CCPA has put restrictions on third party cookies and selling user data to other companies. In the arrangement proposed by me, Companies like Forbes n WebMD n The Times of India take complete control of what ad gets shown where on their websites without selling any user data to any other company. Everyone is happy, Advertisers sell more, User get to see relevant Ads, Forbes makes more money. This is what Unboxd.live enables you to do..More details on how to use it to follow.

Any suggestions feedbacks are welcome.

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