This Lockdown, Let's take your store online

This Lockdown, Let’s Take Your Store Online

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Guys, There is an idea. I ran it through some of my friends and everyone seemed to like it… So sharing with a larger audience… Almost all shops are operating under severe restrictions during this lockdown… And suffering losses of sales & revenue. We have the technology to take all shops online… All you need to do is share your product details in a sheet along with pics and pricings and we will set up a e commerce store for you free of cost.

You do not need to pay us anything upfront. When sale happens through our efforts, Our commission will be 10% – this is negotiable – with us taking care of your entire digital marketing & promotional activities.

Only thing to figure out in this set up is how to get the products delivered to people once they buy from the ecommerce site online. Here we can categorise stores into to types.

1. Stores which have people who can deliver in with in the town / near by localities (many electrnoics stores already have people who deliver – like when we buy TVs/Fridges etc. the shop owner sends the stuff in a rickshaw to our homes) – in these kind of cases there is nothing extra that needs to be done. These kind of stores can sell easily online without opening their stores during the lockdown period also.

2. Stores which do not have guys to deliver- for this we ll talk store to store and make an arrangement (may be hire some guys who can deliver – and help these stores also sell online.

We are planning to start with all clothing stores & electronics stores.

And we are planning to start it with as many towns as possible. with the help of local people. And we ll form city wise teams

Please join our Whatsapp group ( ) if you wish to be part of this activity as a business or as a Unboxd Team Member. The earnings will be shared fairly always – This we can discuss later once we form the teams.

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