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Unboxd TechLabs started as an individual project. I just had few abstract ideas to stitch some invisible holes in our social n economic fabric… but then it was hard to explain those ideas to everyone , So i started working on those on my one… gradually i kept building n building and now it became a technology company capable of providing every possible solution that any tech (SaaS) company can provide you. Please find more about our company, products & communities in their respective pages.

We specialise in Cloud Computing ( Unboxd Cloud ), Web Designing & Development (Unboxd Sitebuilder) , Analytics (Unboxd Analytics), Graphics Designing (Unboxd Designs), Contextual Advertising(Unboxd Ads), Machine Learning & AI (Unboxd NLP) & Marketing Automation (Unboxd Marketing) , E Commerce (Unboxd E-Commerce) Unboxd ERP (Unboxd ERP) Unboxd Marketplace (Unboxd Marketplace) , Workplace Productivity Solutions (Unboxd Workspace) , Contextual Advertising & Content Monetisation Solutions

Right now we are trying to form a team which can help is in taking our products to market. We aim to serve travels (@Unboxd Travels), Education (Unboxd Classroom), Food & Restaurants Unboxd Cuisines, Entertainment (Unboxd Entertainments), Advertising (Unboxd Ads (Unboxd Ads) and News, Media, Publishing (Unboxd Publishers) etc industries.

We welcome any form of collaboration or association. Talking about sales, we offer 40% of revenue from deal every that you help us convert & it will be a monthly affair as most of our solutions will be sold on a monthly subscription basis… We offer Cloud Hosting, Training, Consultancy for more than 200 enterprise open source apps (Which can be connected to over 1600 popular used apps through APIs) catering to every possible business need of organisations. You can find the list of the apps here

For small businesses we offer web designing , branding digital marketing solutions (SEO, SOcial Media, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding Solutions)
We call ourselves as a #cretech company – Company which works towards promoting creative talent through technology. Please find more information on that here Unboxd Creators

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