Google Cloud Platform

Tech Is Not Costly Anymore, And Tech Is Accessible To All

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Google Cloud gives you $300 to try out its offerings for an year, Which means if you open a new Google Cloud Account, you can use all its solutions for free for a year till your billing amount crosses $300.

Just to put things in perspective a bare minimum Moodle set up (which we are providing as a solutions to all academic institutions through Unboxd Classroom to help them take their courses online during this lockdown) costs only 5.13$ . Which means at this cost you get w year of moodle hosting for free.

And Google Cloud has so much to offer, There is nothing in tech, that is not there in Google cloud…Every system & process can be optimised or upgraded with the tech from Google Cloud… And Unboxd Cloud ( The subsidiary of Unboxd TechLabs ) provides consultancy/training & customisations to build solutions tailored to your business needs on Google Cloud.

Tech is not costly anymore, & Tech is accessible to all.

Please reach out to us for an elaborate discussion on how We can solve your business problems/ make your information systems more efficient through Cloud Technology.

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