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Start Selling Online With Razropay & Unboxd Live

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Razorpay gives you payment pages to collect payments. Unboxd Live gives you everything to build your own website
just by dragging and dropping the widgets on to your page.

Create a page, Upload Product Images, Add A Razorpay ‘Pay Now’ button. you are ready to sell online without any coding knowledge and
zero upfront investment. We manage all the tech so that you can focus on your business.

This is how you can just upload the product pics and then add a razorpay ‘pay now’ button. you can give your bank account number if you wish to receive payments through NEFT/IMPS. Or you can give your phone number if you wish to sell offline.

Sell anyway you wish to sell. But make your products more discoverable on the web.

This is Unboxd Live – which gives you complete control over how you wish to use it for your own use case. You can build almost any kind of site with it- A Site like Amazon, Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Insta – all these are possible with Unboxd Live just by dragging n dropping the widgets on to your web page

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