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Can you share a hotel from OYO website to facebook?

Oyo’s homepage is also not optimised for social sharing…
Unboxd Real Estate‘s every listing is both social sharing and search engine optimised.

Oyo sells through ads… That is why it is not profitable.
Unboxd TechLabs has not spent a rupee on Ads..

Hence we can help hotel owners / real estate property agents sell / rent out their properties at much lower commission than oyo… How much commission you decide… this is completely negotiable..
We know corona has impacted tourism n hospitality industry severely

And we are here to help all businesses sell more efficiently thru social channels organically without spending much in Ads

Unboxd Real Estate offers property owners, real estate agencies and realtors the technology they need to connect with today’s real estate owners, prospective buyers and tenants and Internet surfers.

According to your wish we can add, remove product’s features and develop them in such a way that your web site captures the essence of Your Business.

At Unboxd TechLabs our goal is to produce websites that are search-engine friendly and refreshingly easy-to-use for admin and for users. It concerns not only а website for real estate agencies or for realtors, but any website. We build websites from the ground as well. Project managers work with you until you are satisfied with a site that meets your expectations the best way.

Lets create amazing booking experiences.

Chinmay Panda

CEO, Unboxd TechLabs

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