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Reduce Your Marketing Costs With Open Marketing Automations

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Mautic provides you the greatest levels of integrations & deep audience intelligence to make meaningful customer connections.

Please find the video regarding what is mautic at this link:

Salient Features:

  • Automated Marketing Campaigns, create unique campaigns for your segmented lead lists through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Social Media Listening, see what your leads are saying online across a half-dozen social networks
  • Lead Management, Generation, and Nurturing, along every step of the sales funnel
  • Website Visitor Monitoring and Analytics, learn what’s popular and what’s not, what works and what needs help
  • Landing Page Creation with drag-and-drop builder and fully customizable
  • Asset Management, store your PDF’s, white papers, graphics, videos, and more on your server or in the cloud and track views, and more
  • 1:1 Personalized Marketing, make each lead feel personally contacted, automatically
  • Email Marketing Campaigns send to group lists, segments, real-time triggers, and batch sending
  • Online Behavior Tracking
  • Forms with an easy form builder, and profile building
  • Workflows for lifecycle nurturing
  • CRM integrations to easy convert leads to potential contacts
  • Custom field tracking and mapping
  • Dripflow campaigns and time-delayed contact
  • Full A/B campaigns and landing page testing
  • API and Integrations (26 and counting)
  • Dynamic and configurable mail service providers, use who you want: Mandrill, SendGrid, Mailchimp, AWS, Gmail
  • Point system, assign point values to any activity and easily spot those leads ready for the next step, automatically have leads moved to new lists, or campaigns, or even to your CRM based on point total
  • Mobile optimized

Please find more details about mautic features in our blogs: 

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  3. Progressive Profiling ( )
  4. Contact Management ( )
  5. Dynamic Web Content ( )
  6. Landing Page ( )
  7. Integrations ( )
  8. Drip campaigns ( )
  9. Gated Videos ( )
  10. Focus Items ( )

If you are already using Mailchimp/Hubspot etc. then you might be familiar with all the above mentioned features. Mautic is going to offer you the benefit of cost along with better flexibility & control over your data. The enterprise edition of Mailchimp cost 299$ up ( INR 23,000 ) per month up (Reference: Mailchimp Pricing and Plans) and that of Hubspot Marketing Hub priced at $800 ( > 60000 INR) Reference: Marketing Software Pricing

The source code of mautic comes free. And if you already have an IT team you can deploy it in your own servers getting the full benefits at no cost.

However if you do not have a team to manage it, Then, We would suggest deploying mautic on which offers the most efficient way of managing the mautic instance.


You can login to the demo mautic instance at: with the following credentials

User : admin

Password: [email protected]


We will work closely with your IT team in setting up the mautic instance, installing all necessary plugins & training your marketing team about how to use it. 


And our services will be billed on the man-hr requirements in above mentioned things (Deployment, Training, Consultancy )

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