Solutions For Everyone

Products Overview


We have more than 200 Thoroughly tested (for performance , Robustness & flexibility for over an year) enterprise Apps which are ready to be deployed in production in Google Cloud in minutes catering to every possible business need or organisations. Which can be integrated with more than 1600 most popular Apps of yours saving loads of time & money. While making your IT/Business processes more efficient boosting productivity while enabling you to provide better user customer services & user experiences.

Contextual Ads

We provide Search Engine & Social Media Sharing friendly Contextual & Persistent Ad slots in our sector specific community publishing platforms & social media pages where you can choose to Pay Per Lead / Pay Per View / Pay Per Sales.

Content Monetisation Solutions

We offer Content Monetisation Solutions to For Publishers / Media / Companies / News companies / Bloggers through various Content Amplification Tools, Google AdSense, & Our Contextual Ads Platform

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