We follow a Cost Plus Pricing, Which includes the following components

  1. Hosting – This is not in our control, We charge what we have to pay to the Cloud Hosting Provider. e.g. Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Interserver etc. You may avoid this cost by hosting the solutions on your own server. Or directly buying Hosting space from any of these providers.
  2. Application Development & Deployment: This cost will depend on how much customisations you need over the standard open source version of the solution. The more your customisation requirements are, The more the cost. Please discuss your exact business/project needs to get a quote on this.
  3. Schedules Back up n Maintenance: This cost also can be avoided if you go for hosting in your own servers or have a direct deal with the Cloud Hosting Solution Providers. If you chose ‘Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions’ – Where we take care of the entire server, application, security & maintenance Then it will cost you around 25% extra on your monthly subscription value. Where we take scheduled back ups of your apps n data. Moreover, the storage of those back up files will cost extra depending on the number of past back ups you want to keep.
  4. Training & Consultancy – This comes free with any enterprise solution you purchase.
  5. Enterprise Support – If you need time critical enterprise support you need to pay extra for it. It will depend on the number of engineers that are required to provide immediate support on demand
  6. Sales/CRM – We pay 30-40% referral commission to our sales partners. You may avoid this cost by approaching us directly (which acts as self referral kind of thing, Where you get this 30-40% referral commission for referring yourself.

Please reach out to us for any concerns/clarifications. This pricing policy is subject to change without notice. Please reach to us for an accurate quote on anything.

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