OpenCart Admin Panel Overview

OpenCart Admin Panel Overview

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OpenCart Admin Panel Overview

This video gives you a glimpse of the admin dashboards and panels of OpenCart e commerce store.. In this video we go through of tabs of categories, products, Manufacturers, customers , system settings & reports.

OpenCart is widely popular E-Commerce store which gives you everything to quickly launch your e commerce store without digging a hole in your wallet. It comes with all essential features like Google N Facebook integrations, Payments, Affiliate Marketing, Offers n Discounts etc. We are going to use this app for our water purifier project.

You can have a live demo of the app at & admin side at

Username : admin

password : pass

Salient Features: It comes with Google Shopping & Facebook Business Page integrations, i.e. whatever products you update in the site gets automatically updated in your facebook business page & Google Merchant Center (Google For Retails) –

It costs only 2000 INR Per Month, (Hosting, Weekly once back up included, domain name extra)

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