Open To Collaborations

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Hello Everyone,

We are up for all sorts of collaborations. Please let us know if you wish to collaborate with us.
Also please help us pass this information your circles (friends/relatives/neighbours/colleagues) as much as possible.

This is a two way collaboration. If you help us sell our solutions, you get 30-40% share of revenue out of that deal… If it is a monthly subscription, you get that amount every month… (like a monthly salary) till that account exists with us…
And we also help you promote your solutions on our platforms & sell your solutions more efficiently through social channels & affiliate marketing etc.
The percentage of commission will vary from sector to sector.. for retails it will be 10-12% , for softwares & services it will be 20-30% (The commissions are negotiable)

To get started selling with us, All you need to do is share your product portfolio & pricing in Google Spreadsheet / PDF or A Weblink with us… or in the format mentioned in the below sheet.

Then We can help you onboard on our websites n pages.

Also, To help us sell our solutions, We will share the same with you on a PDF & Google spreadsheet with everyone soon
Lets collaborate & grow our businesses together.

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