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Introducing Unboxd LegalDesk

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Unboxd LegalDesk is an attempt make legal aid more accessible and affordable to the masses.

Please join our community Unboxd Law Council if you are law practitioner. or seeking legal assistance. We ll do everything possible to help you.

Also please share with among your friends and colleagues to pass on the information.

Topics you can post and discuss in our community:

/Law & Government
/Law & Government/Government
/Law & Government/Government/Courts & Judiciary
/Law & Government/Government/Visa & Immigration
/Law & Government/Legal
/Law & Government/Legal/Bankruptcy
/Law & Government/Legal/Legal Education
/Law & Government/Legal/Legal Services
/Law & Government/Military
/Law & Government/Public Safety
/Law & Government/Public Safety/Crime & Justice
/Law & Government/Public Safety/Emergency Services
/Law & Government/Public Safety/Law Enforcement
/Law & Government/Public Safety/Security Products & Services
/Law & Government/Social Services

Find more about our company Unboxd TechLabs.
Find more about the founder/director/ceo at Chinmay Panda
Find about all our pages & platforms here Unboxd Contacts

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