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Dear Readers,

I hope you are staying home and taking care of the needy ones in our fight against the corona pandemic. As the world unites against corona, Unboxd aims to unite the world online to make information, innovations and education more accessible to masses. Here is a brief account of the constituents of the Unboxd Digital Experience Ecosystem. This list is not exhaustive as we keep on building platforms n solution as we feel the need of it to solve a problem our life to make individuals n organisations more productive in their use of technologies.

Unboxd gives you a platform to learn web designing (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdsitebuilder), Web Development (https://facebook.com/unboxddevelopers) , E-Commerce (https://facebook.com/unboxdcommerce), professional writing (https://www.facebook.com/unmuteindia/), Search Engine Optimisation (https://www.facebook.com/nbxsearch), Social Media Managemet (https://facebook.com/unboxdsocials) Marketing Automation (https://www.facebook.com/nbxmautic), Web Analytics (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdanalytics) , Natural Language Processing (https://www.facebook.com/nbxnlp), Graphics Designing (https://www.facebook.com/unboxddesigns) , influencer marketing (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdinfluencers), affiliate marketing (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdassociates), Ad tech (https://facebook.com/nbxads), a platform to self publish your e-books (https://facebook.com/unboxdbookstack), to discuss workplace productivity solution (https://facebook.com/unboxdworkspace), for career counselling n planning (https://facebook.com/unboxdcareers),

It also gives you a platform to promote your restaurant menus / promotional offers (https://facebook.com/unboxdcuisines), A platform to drive more sales to your retail stores (https://www.facebook.com/unboxdretails ), A platform to promote your real estate properties (rent/lease/bed n breakfasts , hotels n accomodations) menus / promotional offers (https://www.facebook.com/nbxstays ), And Business Networking platforms for freelancers (https://facebook.com/freefolks ), And Business Networking platforms for Fashion Models/designers ( https://facebook.com/unboxdfashion ), Travel Agencies https://facebook.com/nbxgo, New businesses/startups ( https://facebook.com/unboxdlaunchpad ), An All in All Business Networking platform (https://facebook.com/unboxdlbusiness), A Platform to discuss B2B n Enterprise sales (https://facebook.com/unboxdenterprises)

More, It gives many e commerce platforms https://nbxstore.in , https://nbxcart.in , https://eshop.unboxd.inhttps://shopping.unboxd.in/ (more to follow), So many social networks https://hubzilla.inhttps://humhub.inhttps://e-mahara.orghttps://peersphere.in, so many blogging platforms https://lifestyle.unboxd.inhttps://cuisines.unboxd.inhttps://unmute.unboxd.inhttps://aspire.unboxd.inhttps://commons.unboxd.inhttps://nbxone.in,

Platforms to boost education sector https://facebook.com/unboxdclassroom, https://nbxlearn.in,https://univ.unboxd.in, a classified n listing portal ; https://facebook.com/unboxdclassifieds,

A Platform to encourage creative talent: https://facebook.com/unboxdcreators

Now, now its not posssible for one person to maintain there many platforms

So I request everyone ( all the readers of this post) to get involved in the pages which excites you grow the communities and help each other.. i have provided a direction… And I am here to guide you.. but now i need to look after my business… so i hand over the community platforms to you all… just so that you do not feel that your effort in growing these communities will go waste, let me assure you , the people who take leadership role will get the leadership positions in Unboxd group of companies when it splits in to 10-12 companies to become global technology conglomerate…

Rewards will follow for the ones who learn , act n grow with the community…

Hoping for enthusiastic participation

Chinmay Panda
CEO, Unboxd TechLabs

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