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This article is a culmination of answers to few questions asked by to feature on their site. Please read it to get an idea about what Unboxd TechLabs is all about

Describe your startup in one line?

We are a technology company providing Cloud Computing ( Web Design & Development, Cloud Storage, Marketing Automation, Business Analytics & Intelligence, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing , Productivity & Work Transformation), Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Integrations, Branding , Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing , Online Advertising (Google & Facebook Ads), E Commerce Solutions to businesses, Taxonomy, Content Classification Monetisation Solutions bloggers/publishers etc.

Tell us about your startup

Unboxd TechLabs started as an individual project. I just had few abstract ideas to stitch some invisible holes in our social & economic fabric, But then it was hard to explain those ideas to everyone , So i started working on those on my own. Once I built the solutions, I found it hard to sell those as all of them were B2B or for Enterprises & I was alone working at it. So I had to do everything through social media (Facebook). So I started posting in Facebook & built pages & communities around every product / solution/ business sector / my own interests & creative skills etc. Side by side, I built my understanding of every aspect of online selling ( as I was trying to it online). Gradually, Unboxd TechLabs became a technology company capable of providing every possible technology & marketing solution that any tech (SaaS) company can provide you at the lowest possible cost with utmost flexibility & control over your data.

How did you come up with the idea

It started with an idea to sell Custom Printed T-Shirts online through Amazon to make some easy money. But when I logged in to Amazon Seller Central, I realised it does not let me sell the way I want, Many unnecessary fields to fill up. So I though why not build my own e commerce store. I started exploring ways to build a e commerce store, started with Zoho, then Wix, Squarespace, & finally landed on WordPress. But then it was only E-Commerce, I had to learn other aspects of business like SEO, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Content Strategy, ERP etc. As I tried to do all of these alone without outsourcing it or taking any other company’s services, It amounted in great technological knowledge gains as well as helped me build a better understanding of overall e commerce ecosystem. Now, Its about educating / offering solutions to others from my own learning & experience.

How do you plan to earn?

We plan to earn by selling Cloud Computing , Digital Marketing , E Commerce Solutions to businesses & enterprises in retails, education, entertainment, travels, real estate, advertising ,healthcare, banking/finance/insurance, news , media & publishing sectors. We also aim to foray into online retails & have our own custom label

What have you achieved so far as a company?

We are putting more emphasis on putting a right structure in place to support quick expansion & growth as we plan to serve businesses & enterprises all over the world. Also taking this lockdown as a time to finish up all content writing & documentation of our solutions which will make it easier for every small business to use our solutions. From enterprise sales perspective, We have just formed our core team. We are following a partnership model for this, Where anyone can help us in lead generation & conversion and will get 40% of the revenue out of the deal till that account stays with us.

What is your next goal?

To build a community (network) of affiliate marketers, subject matter / domain experts (we call them influencers), content writers etc. who can help small businesses sell more organically through social channels while helping buyers (customers) get the right product under their budget. This is a win-win-win situation for everyone. The influencer gets referral commissions, the sellers sell more efficiently having to spend less on Ads, And the buyer (customer) gets better products with expert’s reviews n recommendations under their budget saving all the time n energy he would need to spend on product research & pricing comparisons

Tell us about the team

We have a very diversified remote team working team which is getting more bigger n more diverse with people across the nation joining our communities. We have people who are already operating a small business, have worked in a influencer marketing agency, graphics designing agency, corporate trainers, We also have many students NITIE Mumbai working with us voluntarily.

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