How It Happened?

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I started with the idea of selling T Shirts on Amazon, And opened a Amazon Sellers Account in February 2019… Just when I logged, I realised Amazon does not let me sell the way I want… So many unnecessary fields to fill up… I thought why not make my own e commerce site… Then I explored solutions and picked Zoho, Vivek Chahar knows it… Then 1 month into using it, I found their customer care really the worst and most unresponsive… So i turned to wix… WIX was good, giving freedom & flexibility to customise everything but it was loaded to too many things slowing the process of designing the website… The page editing took 5 minutes to to buffer…. So i turned to Squarespace… Squarespace did not have enough ready to use templates… then i turned to WordPress… WordPress had everything… But it only e commerce…I had developed the first e commerce website in April… Vikas Nigam & Ravi Kiran Das had tested it then I had to learn SEO, SEM, Analytics to build a entire website… But then it was only a website, what about the entire business, so i explored ERP options and landed on ERPNext, ERPNext was a bit too detailed… Not easy to start with… I landed on Odoo ERP, Odoo is good, But the ‘DIY’ bug did not let me settle into it… I explored Web Application Frameworks & headless CMS…. Tried Joomla, Drupal, Pimcore, By this time, I realised the problem… So many different softwares for different needs… How do I know what happens where with which customer or user without consolidating reports from all sources everyday. Report checking is so dull & boring… So I thought to build a system which integrates everything… Hence the ‘Digital Experience Ecosystem’ was born in July end. It took 3 months to build the system, 6 months to explain it… But now that phase is gone, It will take me just a day to onboard your business onto my websites & apps and integrate all systems & processes for you to become more efficient in your marketing, sales & CRM activities.

Chinmay Panda
CEO, Unboxd TechLabs

Note: Whatever softwares mentioned in the article, We offer all of them in its entirety i.e. Hosting, Deployment, Training, Support & Maintenance.

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