Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking

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What is most important to your business? Is it to get leads from your sign-up forms? Perhaps sales of your products or registrations? A goal, otherwise known as a conversion, is the measure of a successful action that you want your visitors to take.

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Get an accurate measure for your ROI

With Goals you can get a complete picture of who the users are that are taking action on your website.

You’ll understand which channels are converting the best for your business, which cities/countries are most popular, what devices are working and how engaged your visitors are before converting. Goals are crucial for building your marketing strategy and acquiring new customers.

See how changes affect goals over time

The more goals you track, the more you can learn about behavioural changes as you implement and modify paths that lead to conversions over time.

This way you can see if your campaigns (SEO, PPC, newsletter, blogging etc.) or optimising efforts (A/B TestingFunnels) have made an impact with the time and investment you have put in.

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Easy to setup, easy to use

Goals is incredibly easy to set up and monitor.

It takes only seconds to begin tracking conversions and the impact it can have on the ROI for your business is huge!

Integration with Visitor Profiles

Learn the full behavioural patterns of any individual user who’s converting on your website. See what led them to take action, what they did after converting, and how visitors engage with your business over time.

There is no better way to evaluate the full customer journey of users who have taken important actions on your website.

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