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Who We Are?

An Open Source Information Management Company

What We Do?

We help individuals n organisations become more productive in their use of technologies.

Digital Experience Platforms

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The Most Advance E Commerce Apps Of the World Which enable you sell without Ads.

Open Marketing Automation

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Most advanced marketing tool of the world providing you the greatest levels of integrations and deep audience intelligence to make meaningful customer connections

Integrated Analytics

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Brings the combined power of Google Anaylytics, Facebook Analytics & Matomo Analytics to give you most valuable marketing performance analysis.

Enterprise Resources Planning

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We bring you the Most flexible & Cost Efficient Sector Specific ERP solutions.

Natural Language Processing

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We help you derive insights from unstructured data like text files, PDFs, Images etc by extracting, entities, sentiments and classifying them according to internationally accepted taxonomy structures.

Customer Experience Management

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We help you unify interaction n engagement across multiple digital touch points to create awesome digital experiences for your consumers.

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