Driving installs and usage with Firebase App Indexing

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The average app user has 36 apps installed on her mobile device. Apps play an increasingly important role in a consumer’s mobile experience, but only one quarter of installed apps are used daily while one quarter are are left completely unused.

So, with app growth as a perennial problem, how can you tap into the hundreds of billions of searches that occur in Google every month to drive acquisition and engagement?

App Indexing lets Google index your app just as if it were a website. For users with your app installed, deep links to your app – on Android or iOS – appear in Google Search results, allowing users to find exactly the right content within your app.

Presently, 50 billion links within apps are indexed and 25% of searches on Android return deep links to apps for signed-in users.
In addition to driving re-engagement, App Indexing on Android will also surface install buttons for users who do not yet have your app installed. Since 1 in 4 apps are already being discovered through search, App Indexing is a simple and free method for acquiring new users.

With the App Indexing API, previously visited app pages will appear in Google Search auto-completions. For example, imagine that a user searches and views tickets for an upcoming MLB game within a ticket marketplace app. At a later date, the user searches for her favorite MLB team and instantly sees previously viewed app content. The user can then jump straight back into the app and finish her purchase.

Google has always been about connecting users with content. In 1998, that meant indexing the web to make it easily accessible to users everywhere. Today, with the world’s information shifting to mobile apps, that mission remains the same. With App Indexing, Google hopes to continue to bring your content and services to users, right in the moment they need it.

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