Unbxod TechLabs

Company Overview

Who We Are:

Unboxd TechLabs

We are a technology company providing Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, E Commerce, Contextual Advertising & Content Monetisation Solutions to Businesses & Enterprises.
We help individuals & organisations become more productive in their use of information management systems n processes improving efficiency & reducing costs.


Unboxd TechLabs is 100% self funded with borrowings from friends & family. It has not looked for any external investments, or incubation till date. However, Now we are expanding our team and are looking for Investments to expand.

The Structure

Unboxd TechLabs is fully vertically integrated, We do not depend on any other company for any products n services apart from Cloud Hosting. We host our Apps in Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Interserver. Apart from these three Cloud Hosting Providers we do not depend on any other company. All our apps are open source softwares- ( For which we sell the Hosting, Training, Consultancy & Custom Integrations with more than 1600) daily use Apps. And we use free tiers of enterprise softwares like Slack, Trello, OnlyOffice etc. We have our own AdServer, Analytics, We write our own content, We design our own sites & graphics (We offer Web Designing & Graphics Designing Services too.

Cost Of Operations

We are proud to state that we have literally ‘ZERO’ cost of operations (Apart from Cloud Hosting). We have not even spent a penny of Marketing & Promotional activities. We rely on original content(Which we write), Social Media (We have 100+ pages in Facebook & 90+ pages in LinkedIn. Also we rely on our own content amplification tools, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Social Media Integrations & our network of Associates & Influencers to pass the message organically. What we save on Ads, We pass on to our community of Resellers, Associates & Influencers. We welcome you to join our communities

Method Of Working

We work on a community based model/freelancing model. We are an Open Company – Built with Open Source Technologies, Built with an open mind to accept & quickly adapt to changes, And always open to collaboration with any individual or organisation to work together for a tomorrow better than today. We again invite you to be part of our community as we aim to touch the lives of all 7.5 Billion People of the world

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