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Reduce Your Marketing Costs With Open Marketing Automations

Mautic offers all the features of Marketing Softwares like Mailchimp (Costing ~$300 per month) & Hubspot (costs $800 per month) at no cost with complete flexibility & control.

Widgets in Mautic

Widgets in Mautic

Mautic offers you the following widgets in to be added in dashboard to give you complete overview of your marketing strategies & implementations.

Canonical URL Tag In

What Is Canonical URL In SEO?

A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical”) is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs.

Cloud Computing & Digital Marketing Solutions

The Two Ways To Increase Profits

There are only two ways to increase profits. 1. Sell More 2. Reduce Costs We can help you in both

Sell Through Affiliate Marketing With Us

Sell More Through Affiliate Marketing With Us

Once you have a store with affiliate marketing, you can join our Unboxd Associates – Community to tell about our affiliate marketing commission , we will also publicise everywhere about your store’s affiliate marketing program and will try to to get more & more people register as an affiliate on your website and promote the affiliate marketing links on their websites n blogs.

Content Marketing Solutions

Tailor Made Content Strategy For Your Business

We have not spent a single rupees on Ads in our entire marketing journey. We rely on Original Content Creation, Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimisation & Content Amplification, Analytics tools to do the job for us. A very big part of it depends on our network of Associates n Influencers who spread the message organically. When you associate with us, you get the benefit of our whole network of associates, resellers, influencers working for you which will not only boost your sales but also build your brand organically for the long term. Our content marketing solutions include

The Most Complete Digital Marketing Solutions For Your Business

The Most Complete Digital Marketing Solution For Your Business

Search Engine optimisation, Social media marketing, Content Marketing, Branding Solutions, Affiliate marketing, Influencer Marketing Solutions

Points in Mautic

Points & Stages

Points provide a way for contacts to be properly weighted. These points have both triggers and actions. Each term will be properly defined and a thorough understanding of how points function will ensure that your overall marketing automation process is successful.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling makes your forms smarter by asking for the most important information that you don’t have yet. This way your contacts won’t feel overwhelmed by long forms and saves time by answering questions Mautic already knows the answer to. Progressive Profiling lets you improve the form conversion rate.

Contact Management

Contact Management

Mautic allows you to build a rich and functional database so your company is able to make automatic campaigns based on the information provided and the behavior of each contact individually and personally. An up-to-date contact database can efficiently reach all your contacts so you are able to target an audience for a campaign or …

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