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Bitnami Application Stack

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Bitnami Application Stack By Unboxd Cloud

200+ Open Source Enterprise App- Containerised ready to deploy in production in Google Cloud in minutes should you choose to use them, Which can be connected to 1600 most popular daily use Apps of yours, catering to every possible business need of yours from simple blog to Enterprise Portal, E Commerce, Marketing, Analytics , AI, ERPs & CRMs etc.

Bitnami Application Stack By Unboxd Cloud

These are open source enterprise apps (there are over 200 of them). Containerised – ready to be deployed production in Google Cloud in minutes should you choose to use them. And these cater to every possible business need of yours from Web Site building, E Commerce, Digital Marketing, Analytics, CRM, ERPs, CRM & Customer Supports, Project Management, Team Collaboration & Productivity etc.

We offer hosting, training, consultancy & custom integrations between these apps (As these are open source apps they offer you the flexibility of connecting with any other popular apps which you might by using currently).

These Apps come at lowest cost (As these are open source Apps- So you have to pay only for only the hosting / training / integration time n effort).

Also, these are most flexible as you will have the code with you, can host in your own servers to keep complete control over your data and receive regular updates as there is an active developer community works on these.

Thats how Unboxd Cloud – A subsidiary of Unboxd TechLabs promises to offer you the most flexible solution for any business need of yours at lowest possible price compared to any other SaaS solution provider for a similar software. Please reach out to us with your business need to get a quote. at and

You can check the list of the apps here .

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Bitnami Applications Stack

Why use Bitnami Certified Apps?

Bitnami certifies that our images are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices.

With Bitnami, you can trust what is in the app you’re launching. We monitor all the applications we package for vulnerabilities, outdated components and libraries, and application updates. When any of these are identified, we patch and release every affected listing within a couple of days.Learn more 

About Bitnami

The Bitnami Application Catalog contains a growing list of 140+ trusted, pre-packaged applications and development runtimes ready-to-run anywhere. Choose from single VMs, multi-tier applications, container images, or Kubernetes Helm charts.Learn moreAbout the provider 

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