An Individual Project

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Unboxd TechLabs started as an individual project.. i just had few abstract ideas to stitch some invisible holes in our social n economic fabric… but then it was hard to explain those ideas to everyone , so i started working on those on my one… gradually i kept building n building and now it became a technology company capable of providing every possible solution that any tech (SaaS) company can provide you.

We specialise in Cloud Computing ( Unboxd Cloud ), Web Designing & Development (Unboxd Sitebuilder) , Analytics (Unboxd Analytics), Graphics Designing (Unboxd Designs), Contextual Advertising(Unboxd Ads), Machine Learning & AI (Unboxd NLP) & Marketing Automation (Unboxd Marketing) , E Commerce (Unboxd E-Commerce) Unboxd ERP (Unboxd ERP) Unboxd Marketplace (Unboxd Marketplace) , Workplace Productivity Solutions (Unboxd Workspace) etc.

Right now we are trying to form a team which can help is in taking our products to market. We aim to serve travels (@Unboxd Travels), Education (Unboxd Classroom), Food & Restaurants Unboxd Cuisines, Entertainment (Unboxd Entertainments), Advertising (Unboxd Ads (Unboxd Ads) and News, Media, Publishing (Unboxd Publishers) etc industries.

We call ourselves as a #cretech company – Company which works towards promoting creative talent through technology. Please find more information on that here Unboxd Creators

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