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An Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer From KIIT – Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Having 8+ years of experience (Excluding 2 years of MBA at IIM Bangalore) in technology field ranging from Full Stack Software Development at BHEL Hyd , ERP at Tata Consultancy Services , Project Management at Punjab State Electricity Board Recruitment, Product Development at Media.net & Management, Contextual Ads at Media.net etc. And Having Managed clients & accounts of a diversified sectors ranging from India PSUs to Global Publishing Houses Like ForbesWebMDThe New York Times etc. I have gained a lot in terms of my understanding of software, business & e commerce in particular.

Now I am working on a project called Unboxd Live – The world’s first contextual content discovery platform to empower content creators (Unboxd Creators) manage & monetise their content on their own terms while helping sellers through Unboxd Business to sell their products more organically through content (Unmute) & social medias (Unboxd Socials) channels.

Apart from this I also provide Cloud Computing Solutions through Unboxd Cloud including Web Designing (Unboxd Sitebuilder) & Application Development (Unboxd Developers), Google Cloud APIs (Unboxd APIs) , Business Analytics & Intelligence (Unboxd BAI), Machine Learning & AI (Unboxd NLP), Natural Language Processing, Google Maps (NBX MAPS), Custom Low Code App Development Solutions (Unboxd Apps), Digital Marketing Matix including SEO (Unboxd SEO) , Social Media (Unboxd Socials), Content (Unmute),Analytics (Unboxd Analytics), Affiliate Marketing (Unboxd Associates), Influencer Marketing (Unboxd Influencers), Omni channel E Commerce Apps & Integrations (Unboxd DXP_, Contextual Advertising Solutions to Businesses/Brands/E Commerce Companies (Unboxd Ads) & Content Monetisation Solutions to Authors/Bloggers/Media Companies (Unboxd Publishers).

I provide solutions to Small Businesses (Unboxd Business), New Businesses /Startups (Unboxd LaunchPad), Travels (Unboxd Travels), Entertainment (Unboxd Entertainments), Food (Unboxd Cuisines), Real Estate Unboxd Real Estate), Fashion (Unboxd Fashion) , Education (Unboxd Classroom)

I also offer Personal Branding Solutions to Individuals (Aspire) for free . Follow me on LinkedIn & Facebook to get all updates about my work and initiatives.

Right now I am actively looking for business partnerships with Individuals/organisations to help me with enterprise sales (Unboxd Enterprise) as well as in taking Unboxd Live (https://unboxd.live) to masses (Creators/Businesses/Ad Agencies)

I am also working towards promoting creative talent through (Unboxd Creators) encouraging people to take up professional writing as an alternate career option (Unmute) as we lack quality online content. As well I am teaching Digital marketing through Facebook pages n communities. Find about all communities here (Unboxd Contacts)

Chinmay Panda
Find more about my company here Unboxd TechLabs
Find more about me at Chinmay Panda
Linkedin http://linkedin.com/in/chinmaypandain

P.S I have 100+ Facebook & LinkedIn Pages. Not Possible to talk about everything here. Please find the list of pages & communities here.

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