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Flagship Solutions

Experience Management

Unify interaction & engagement across multiple digital touch points to provide personalised experiences to all stakeholders. Improve employee productivity, Transform your legacy systems & processes, Sell omni-channel , Save expenses on Ads

Marketing Automations

Integrate your marketing channels & automate your workflows to get deep audience intelligence to make more meaningful customer connections & deliver personalised experiences increasing brand loyalty

Integrated Analytics

Get Detailed Overview Of your Website's visitor, Compare performance of all marketing spends, Run Individual marketing campaigns, Build your own affiliate marketing network & Save money on Ads.

Omni-channel E Commerce

Combine the power of all social networks to sell through all possible platforms more organically & save money ads

Contextual Advertising

Get the maximum our of your marketing efforts with our human curated, contextual, persistent, Search Engine Friendly & Social Sharing Friendly Ad Slots. Boost your brand along with sales.

Unboxd Live

Build your own site with Unboxd Live - which gives you all the building blocks to build almost any kind of site just by dragging & dropping the widgets onto the page without any knowledge in coding required.


Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

200+ Open Source Containerised Production Ready Enterprise Apps catering to every possible business need: Portals, WCM, DAM, PIM, MDM, BAI, ML & AI, E-Commerce, ERP & CRM, Productivity & Work Transformation, Dev Tools etc.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Integration, Graphics Designing, Content Strategy,Web Designing, SEM, SMM, PPC , Individual Campaigns etc

Content Monetisation Solutions

Corporate Branding Solutions

We provide end to end corporate branding solutions to boost your brand along with sales organically through original content , Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Integration & Influencer Marketing

Content Monetisation Solutions

Content Amplification & Monetisation

Monetise your content on your own terms with Google AdSense, through our contextual advertising network, content amplification & social integration tools & customer widgets.

Web Development

Web Designing / Development

Blogs, Portfolio Sites, E Commerce, Self Service Portals, Classifieds & Listing Sites, Real Estate Listing Sites, Job Portal, E Learning, Knowledge Management Portals, Intranets etc.

Unboxd Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Contextual Analysis & Classification, Named Entity Extraction, Image Annotation, Brand Safety & Sentiment Analysis

Solutions by Sector


Online Retails

Sell through all possible channels, While providing a personalised experience to your consumer, Increase brand loyalty, Save money on Ads

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Compare your marketing spends & results, Focus on where conversions are coming from. Save money on Ads.

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Monetise your content on your own terms without having to go through multiple Ad Networks. Solve the problem caused by GDPR & CCPA.



Manage & monetise your proprietary content on your own terms



Create an environment to create & excel for students with our course management systems & learner centric e portfolio management systems

Unboxd Travels


Bring all your fragmented informations from multiple places into single portal making it easier for travellers to find information and boost sales.

Unboxd Finance


Build Customer Self Service Portals, Agent Portals, Parter Portals empowering your stakeholders with our Digital Experience Platforms & Solutions

Unboxd Industries


Build Intranets & Portals to connect data from disparate systems to build business processes around the customer

Unboxd LegalDesk


Integrate mission-critical legacy systems with modern interfaces and applications, Offer cost-effective, reusable solutions supported by a modular architecture

Unboxd Health


Build Unified Health Management Systems Around our solutions

Unboxd Local Stores

Real Estate

We provide property owners, real estate agencies and realtors the technology they need to connect with today’s real estate owners, prospective buyers and tenants and Internet surfers.

Unboxd Commons

Non Profits

Boost your digital presence at lowest possible cost. Use all our apps n tools for free for Fundamental Education, Disaster Management & Community Welfare activities.

Solutions For Everyone

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We have 200 production ready click to deploy Apps in Google Cloud catering to every possible business need.

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We can connect almost 2000+ most popular Apps though APIs & Automation Tools like Zapier.


We do not sell Apps, We sell solutions, If one app is not suiting your business need we will replace it with another. Technology is not barrier anymore. We have made technology accessible to everyone.

Solutions by Scope

Unboxd Business

Small Businesses

Complete business development & marketing solutions starting from New Business Registration, Tax Filing, Business Domain, Email, Website, Marketing, E Commerce etc.

Unboxd Enterprises


Self Service Portals for Vendors, Partners, Agents, Customers, Employees, Knowledge Management, Intranet, Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Master Data Management Etc.

Unboxd Freelancers


Showcase your skills on our community platforms , interact with people with like minded interests, learn grow together.

Unboxd Launchpad


Content Marketing & Amplification tools & Sector Specific Community publishing platforms to do more with less.

About Us

Unboxd TechLabs started as an individual project.. i just had few abstract ideas to stitch some invisible holes in our social n economic fabric… but then it was hard to explain those ideas to everyone , so i started working on those on my one… gradually i kept building n building and now it became a technology company capable of providing every possible solution that any tech (SaaS) company can provide you.




PayU Makes it easy to receive online payments & It is easy to integrate a PayU widget on Unboxd Live site. Create a PayU Merchant account and take start selling online today.



Interserver is our cloud hosting partner. It provides most cost efficient cloud & vps hosting solutions for businesses



GoDaddy is our domain registration partner. You can get the cheapest domain hosting solutions from Godaddy through our collaboration with them.

Amazon Associates


Amazon is our retails partner. We promote Amazon products & affiliate links on our sites. If you wish to earn through amazon associate program please connect to us through Facebook.

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Join our enterprise sales team to help us sale our solutions to businesses & enterprises. Work from anywhere, at anytime, Give a shot to your entrepreneurial ambitions.


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Resell our apps as white label solutions on your own terms while we hold your back in terms of technological support. Solve real world business problems, gain your clients confidence, build your own brand and business with our support. Join our facebook community to know more

Unboxd Influencer

Become A Influencer

Earn up to 40% by sharing our posts and tagging us in your comments on others posts talking about Web Designing, Digital Marketing, E Commerce & Online Advertising related needs. Every deal that happens through your posts and comments fetches you 40% of what we earn out of that deal.


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Earn up to 30% referral commission with the most innovative technology company of the world. Place our flyers, posters, banners along with links to our pages on your websites and earn money on each qualified sales

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